Episode 2 / by Suzan Eraslan


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Adapted and directed by Suzan Eraslan



Ben Mann as Hal

Andrew Hutcheson as Henry IV, Owen Glendower, Falstaff

Sarah Eismann as Sir Walter Blunt

Nico Ager as Lord Mortimer, Mouldy, Bullcalf

Jefferson Reardon as Hotspur

Joe Raik as the Earl of Worcester

Anna Robinson as Lady Mortimer

Aubrey Saverino as Lady Percy

Eric Pargac as Bardolph

Danielle O'Farrell as Mistress Quickly, Wart, Feeble

Thomas Strickland as Justice Robert Shallow


Music by: 

Felix Mendehlssohn

Krzysztof Penderecki

William Grant Still


Engineering, mixing, and mastering by Suzan Eraslan

Additional engineering by Sean Mullins